Sydney Eats: Cafe Cre Asion


A fan of matcha? I know I am! If you’re a big fan of matcha like I am, you’ll really love this little cafe tucked away in Alberta Street.

Cre Asion is a small cafe with low sitting stools and tables. The cafe’s concrete architecture, high ceiling and neutral colour palette gives it a strong modern industrial feel. Orders are written on small post-it notes and the staff have warm smile plastered across their faces. Seating on busy days may not be an option as there are only seats available for around 12 people, so if you would like to make a nice pit-stop at the cafe, I recommend that you drop by sometime in the weekday. Alternatively, get something packed away and take a minute walk down to Hyde Park.



The Matcha Latte to have in is $5, and this serving could not get any bigger. The matcha within the hearty latte has quite a bitter and earthy taste to it, the soy milk was frothed perfectly. If you’re not a fan of how bitter the matcha may taste, mix it in with some sugar or opt for a matcha iced tea. Oddly enough, the matcha iced tea is not as bitter, so there’s another option! Both are slightly nutty and deliciously refreshing.


The Smoked Salmon sandwich ($13) featured smoked salmon, egg, fennel, dill, lettuce, caper and cream cheese. I loved it. All the flavours work harmoniously together to create a creamy sandwich that tastes wonderful. Sourdough is probably my favourite kind of bread and this is sourdough done RIGHT. The outside of the sandwich is lightly buttered and toasted to perfection, leaving the inside of the bread soft and the outside crunchy.


Now these next few items are not listed on the menu that you can find online, but I think these are the stars of the show. The Green Tea Tart ($4) was incredibly smooth! It was spongey, soft and full of air. Sitting on a fine line between bitter and sweet, this tart is something you cannot skip pass. Furthermore, the macaroons are just beautiful. I had the Yuzu macaroon and my friend, the green tea flavour. I am a big fan of yuzu, for those of you who don’t know – yuzu is a japanese citrus whose flavour lies between a mix of grapefruit and mandarin. As a result, the yuzu macaroon was sweet and citrusy, soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside, something new to try for those who want to go a little out of their comfort zone!


Now probably the star of the show, and probable one of their most Instagrammed items alongside the Matcha Latte… The Matcha Fondant. To eat in the fondant is $8.50 and $6.50 to have it takeaway. Please hold me back for a second because WOW. The moist chocolatey outside and rich, gooey matcha chocolate filling is my favourite item on the menu. Served alongside strawberry and pineapple covered in a berry coulis to cut through the heavy and rich texture, the fondant is to be covered with a smooth matcha cream. I know it for sure now, matcha and chocolate are a match made in heaven.

Seriously, if you’re a matcha lover… this cafe NEEDS to be on your list of places to try!




Cafe Cre Asion
Facebook | Instagram
21 Alberta Street, Sydney 2000
Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM, Saturday 9AM-4PM

See more of me on Instagram: @yaaaminn



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