Colourpop Review


Hello my dears. Long time no blog post, but uni has been KICKING MY ASS. I won’t get into the nitty gritty of that, but what I will get into is this review !

A few weeks ago I placed an order for two friends and I for an order from Colourpop! If you don’t know who they are – Colourpop is an Los Angeles based brand which grew around a year or two ago and which, has since then, been a well known name in the beauty community. As the older sister company of Kylie Cosmetics,  the brand has almost “drugstore” prices with all of their products ranging from $5-$8USD. All of their products are cruelty-free and all the Lip Liners and Lippie Stix are vegan. Majority of the Super Shock Shadows, Creme Gel Colours and Super Shock Cheeks are vegan with an exception of a few (list here).

To get to Australia, it took around 2 weeks and a whopping $25USD shipping fee – my advice if you’re not based in the USA? Get some with friends or desperately wait till the next time there’s free international shipping.



Onto the products, I ordered two of their lipsticks and two of the super shock eyeshadows. An Ultra-Matte Lipstick in Bumble, Ultra-Satin Lipstick in Frick n Frack, and the Super Shock Eyeshadows in Trois and Deux.

Colourpop frequently collabs with online personalities such as KathleenLights and FeralCreature. Recently they did a collaboration with Jenn Im, also known as ClothesEncounters on Youtube and her collection featured many warm toned shadows, as well as coral and bright red lipsticks. I love the warm rusty tone featured in the Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye contour palette and when I saw this brighter red on the Colourpop website… the next thing I knew it was in my shopping cart. What a mystery!!


Colourpop’s Super Shock Eyeshadow – $5USD
The shadows themselves are packaged individually as they have a moussey and buttery texture in the pan to glide onto the eyelids effortlessly. I found that Trois felt much more velvety, bouncier to the touch and a little wetter in the pan than Deux did, so keep in mind that the texture might vary slightly from colour to colour. I found that because of the forumla, after application, the product lasts longer than the average eyeshadow and as a result, is a great base for any look you’re going for. With almost every colour and finish imaginable, if you buy from Colourpop, you definitely won’t regret picking up one of their eyeshadows.img_9101



Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick  – $6USD
I purchased mine in the colour Bumble, a dusty warm terracotta. The formula really packs a punch; it’s incredibly matte. Comparing it to the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks, the Colourpop ones are much more runny. They’re much harder to remove and have a longer life but when layering the Colourpop lipstick, I find that it leaves a chalky feel to the lips and is much more drying than that of the KVD formula. Unlike the KVD lipstick, I was able to wear this while eating almost anything – I had a glorious Korean dinner and alas – nothing took it off! It’s much more kiss-proof (or rather, make-out proof) than the KVD and does not transfer. As the product wears off your lips, it comes off a little patchy and uneven – making reapplication a little annoying. Before wear, scrub your lips and apply some lip balm. Have pretty dry lips? A lipliner may also help.  Honestly though, I am willing to go through a lip routine to wear this as it is HELLA LONG LASTING.

Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick – $6USD
I have the colour Frick N Frack, described as a rosy terracotta on the Colourpop website has a satin finish and definitely requires a lip liner as it can wear throughout the day unevenly and seems to feather the slightest. So one thing that annoyed me quite a bit about this product is the applicator. I don’t know if I received a bad batch or not, but the applicator is ultra fluffy… sounds great right? The ultra-fluffy applicator tip collects too much product, spreads it unevenly throughout the brush tip and doesn’t allow you to create a clean line when applying the product. The formula itself is lovely, pigmented and creates a beautiful finish on the lips. It’s not transfer-proof and isn’t as long lasting as the ultra-matte but it’s still a lovely lipstick for the price. Unless Colourpop changes this applicator, I really don’t see myself purchasing another ultra satin any time soon. I’ve emailed Colourpop asking if this is normal, so I’ll keep you updated on their response!  (Oddly enough, my ultra matte lipstick has a normal doe-foot applicator!)



I’ve got another order from Colourpop on it’s way, so keep on the look out for another review!

UPDATE: My Ultra Satin applicator tip is faulty, I have emailed Colourpop about this and they have sent a  replacement for free!


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