Battle Of The Eyeshadow Primers

I live in Australia, and it hasn’t been until recent years that Too Faced and Urban Decay hit the Aussie Shores. If you’re like me and was hit with a serious case of FOMO, watching Youtubers and Beauty Bloggers alike speak so highly of these cult classics for years. So when I realised that these products were finally available in Australia, I was struck with many questions – “which do I buy?”, “I have skin type xyz so which is better for me?”. I’ve compared the two for a few weeks now and I’m here to give you my opinion!


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Original

I purchased the original formula, but from my understanding there are 3 different formulas in the range; the original, anti-aging and one with coloured pigments in it (Eden – nude matte and Sin – champagne shimmer). It features a long doe-foot applicator that is a little awkward to use at first but is easy to get used to. The product itself is fragrance-free and glides onto the skin easily, having a silicon feel to leave the skin smooth.



  • Good for dry-combination oily skin types as well as aged skin
  • Intensifies eyeshadow colour
  • Velvety texture, glides onto the skin nicely and there is no tugging involved
  • Extends eyeshadow wear
  • Fading/crease resistant
  • Even after 12 hours of wear, the your eyeshadow look doesn’t blend together become one coherant blob of colour on the eyes


  • For oily eyelids, the product still creases after 4 hours
  • Price – $33AUD for 0.33fl oz/10g
  • Doe-foot applicator and squeeze tube combination makes it less hygenic

Too Faced Shadow Insurance


The Shadow Insurance has a completely different formula to that of the UDPP. Much tackier and thicker, the primer potion offers a little more of a colour correcting property to battle discolouration on the eyelids as well as promises to be waterproof. Furthermore, it dries faster than the UDPP which means you have to work a little quicker to blend it onto your eyelid or the product will not necessarily leave the most pleasant texture to your lids. When blended onto the lids, it dries tacky which is what I personally prefer for when I’m going for an eyeshadow look as it helps the shadows adhere to your eyes a little better.


  • Better for oily skin due to it’s slightly thicker and tackier formula
  • Eyeshadow shows up much more vibrant
  • Extends eyeshadow wear
  • Prevents creasing and fading
  • Light colour correcting properties for eyelid discolouration
  • Squeeze tube is more hygenic


  • Harder to blend and as a result leads to slight tugging
  • I wouldn’t recommend this for aged skin as the thicker formula may sit in fine lines
  • Price – $29AUD for 0.35Oz/11g (Slightly better value for your money than the UDPP)

I did take photos of my eyes upon fresh application of the primers and the KVD Shade+Light Eye palette and after 12 hours of wear, but I’m going to be honest and tell you that those photos were not cute… so I’m not going to show you. HOWEVER, here are a few swatches of the products as well as a comparison upon applying eyeshadow after blending.

Personally, I prefer the Too Faced primer as it just creates a nice barrier to my naturally oily eyelids.




I hope you enjoyed this review and let me know which you prefer!

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