Sydney Eats: Pumphouse Sydney

Hello my dears,

If you follow my instagram (@yaaaminn) then you would have seen me tag this place in my last few posts… Pumphouse Sydney. Pumphouse, in my opinion, is first and foremost a bar. With around 100 choices of beer to choose from, no beer-loving person should ever get bored. They also serve a wonderful array of food ranging from $10 to $36. For vegetarians and vegans, slight warning, it’s not the friendliest of places but you could never really go wrong with some crinkle cut chips or a nice salad!

Pumphouse has some glorious interior decor. From the outside, the place looks modern and well kept. But once you go inside, it’s gorgeously vintage. High ceilings, soft music, and overall a wonderful atmosphere. The staff were friendly as well. The building itself is full of Australian history, and if you’re interested – check out their website!

So first thing we ordered were the “BBQ grilled garlic butter oysters seaweed salad”($12). I’m not an amazingly big fan of oyster and seafood in general, but these were really nice. The lemon complimented the garlic butter very nicely and the oysters were grilled lightly so that none of the flavours of a fresh oyster were greatly disturbed.


Next, the “Drunken thunder toasty”($20). This one is a little bit of a disappointment so I won’t go into too much about it. The toasty is filled with bacon and brie with some barbecue sauce to make it feel like you’re eating a meat lovers pizza but in a sancwhich form. The crinkle cut chips were a little bland for my liking, but the proportion was great. And my favourite part of the dish… the caramelised onion rings. As healthy as I try to be, I’m a sucker for anything deep fried. These were the first time I tried onion rings, and they hopefully won’t be the last! All in all, I feel as if $20 is a bit on the pricier side for this dish.

And last but not least… in my opinion the main event… the Coconut gelato ($13) with a chocolate wafer, mango and grilled pineapple (I didn’t get any pineapple but I’m not that much of a fan anyway). For $13, I am over the moon about this dish. The serving size is very generous, and for the amount you get – I’m surprised it didn’t melt faster! The gelato itself is extremely creamy, smooth and rich with a beautiful coconutty flavour. This is a dish I will be more than happy to purchase again… and again… and maybe again.


17 Little Pier St, Sydney, Australia 2000
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