Tarte Park Ave Princess Volume II

I’m  relatively simple girl who probably spends way too much on make-up. It really doesn’t help that in Australia, drugstore makeup sometimes sells for around $30? Yes, $30. Oh, that number hurts my heart. Make-up is an expensive hobby, folks.

Sometime around two months ago, I hit pan on my MAC Bronzing Powder which I have owned for 2 years now. With this, came the contemplation of “Which bronzer do I buy?!” There was the Benefit Hoola Bronzer, an undeniable cult favourite… but I don’t know I’m committed enough to fork out a whopping $51 for one product. That’s when I was aimlessly browsing the Sephora website and saw this lovely thing.


This is the Tarte Park Ave Princess Contour Palette Volume II (x) . This sleek little palette is a great idea for those who are new at the contour game (like myself), it’s got a highlight, a contour and a blush all in one. The waterproof bronzer is their best selling bronzer, the ‘Park Ave Princess’. The bronzer is a lovely neutral tan which would look great on all skin undertones. The only issue with this is I feel as if the bronzer won’t show up on darker skin tones, but for those with light to medium skin – you’re in the green.


Next is a half round pan consisting of ‘Glisten’ – a peachy pink blush with gold shimmer – and another with ‘Champagne’ which is a shimmery gold highlight as well which you can’t buy individually. The highlight is probably one of my favourite parts of the palette. It’s not often I wear the blush and the highlight together (unless I want that full disco-ball effect), but the highlight on its own is lovely. I even managed to get a compliment from my boyfriend on it! Score!



Overall, I think it’s a lovely palette that requires a little building up, but for contour newbies like myself, it’s a great way to learn how to get your contour on point.



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