Sydney Eats: Kura 3

Haymarket in Sydney is generally the go-to place for when it comes to grabbing a bite of Asian food in Sydney. Kura is a restaurant with 3 separate venues, one of which my boyfriend I tend to go to.

Kura 3, a small outlet at the end of Dixon Street in Haymarket, is the one I tend to venture out to. It’s much quieter than the other two, and just a lovely place to have a chat with others.  The restaurant itself is small and caters to parties of one to groups of about 4-6. As well as that, the menu is vegetarian friendly and has the great option for a half and half dish. The half-and-half dish is for those of us who aren’t completely decisive about their food options, like me,  and can’t choose between a ramen and a rice dish. So like that little girl in the Old El Paso ad says, “Why don’t we have both?”


Our order consisted of the Salmon DX and an  Unagi Don Set – a set which contains takoyaki, udon, a serving of unagi (marinated grilled Eel) don, sashimi, a small salad and miso soup.

First of all, the unagi don set. I’m a big fan when it comes to seafood. The unagi was soft and sweet, as it was marinated with teriyaki sauce. The eel with the soft and fluffy rice, was a great as is. The udon, I won’t speak too highly of as I felt as the broth lacked flavour and really just tasted like soy sauce in  water. Nevertheless, the sashimi although frozen, was a brilliant quality of fish and I would be more than happy to grab a plate of sashimi on its own. Now, for my favourite part of the dish… the takoyaki. They were great. Just. Great. For those of you who don’t know what takoyaki is, they are ball shaped snacks which typically are filled with octopus and a wheat flour batter. Most other times I’ve tried takoyaki, I’ve been left with the sad and less than desirable taste of flour in my mouth… BUT NOT THIS TIME! The takoyaki was flavoursome and juicy, the only words I can think of to describe it right now are just really, really good. heh.

Next, the Salmon DX. The Salmon DX contains three types of sushi, a salmon nigiri, salmon nigiri with melted cheese and  a salmon uramaki. Not necessarily to my liking, but it was to my boyfriend’s. I like my sushi at room temperature, with soft and fluffy sticky rice. On the otherhand, he likes it a little chilled. The rice was on the harder side, which disappointed me a little and just like the sashimi – you could tell the salmon was frozen but I was still happy with the quality of it.

Last but not least, I had the pleasure of trying Yuzu Plum Sake – a Yuzu (a type of citrus fruit) plum rice wine.  Served in a glass which doesn’t stand up straight but also doesn’t manage to fall over, and a large ball of ice which didn’t melt in a split second, the drink was lovely. It was not as strong as I expected it to be, but the heavier flavour paired nicely with the light, citrus from the Yuzu. I would 100% recommend this drink (if you’re over 18, of course).


6/12 Dixon Street, CBD, Sydney, NSW


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