Date Night Look Pt. 2

My last blog post was about my make-up generally at date nights out. Well, here’s part 2: the outfit.

Also, sorry about the photo quality. I didn’t feel like bringing a DSLR to my birthday dinner this week, and I didn’t want you to miss out on this lovely dress.

We dined in at Macchiato, a lovely Italian restaurant in the Sydney CBD on Pitt Street. Delicious pizza, delicious salads, excellent Rose. Anyway, onto the outfit…


The Dress: Ava and Ever Mindi Dress at CityBeach
The Shoes: Ezard in Smooth Black by Therapy Shoes

First of all, this dress. THIS DRESS THOUGH. WOW. Small side bar, the chest area is so nicely padded I you don’t necessarily need to wear a bra. I have with this dress before, but as a girl on the slightly chestier side, you can feel comforted knowing that if you have the straps tight enough, you’ll be supported with no nip slippage. I adore this dress so much, I wish I could wear it out more. It just sucks everything in so nicely and looks flawless on the body.

Secondly, I am going to admit, I have been very into the lace-up trend recently. Currently trying to find a nice lace-up shirt, but I digress. These shoes are beautiful. They have a nice gold metallic strip across the heel, and wear beautifully. I have the leather ones (Smooth Black) and the Black Suede versions because they just look so luxuriously black. What can I say, I’m a big fan.



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