Sydney Eats: Supercow Ice Cream Scrolls

Have you ever been to 3 Mama’s Chef on Pitt Street? Or have you ever seen this Thai restaurant where people seem to be standing outside of with their cameras and phones out? Well a long time treat in Asia has hit the streets in Sydney. The ice-cream scroll.

Supercow’s Ice Cream, or the ice-cream scrolls are just simply delicious. Extremely creamy (which means it melts quickly… but hey, you could always drink it up!), and simple, they’re the new craze since cronuts and those fabulous Nutella ball milkshakes.

How it works? Basically you pick an ice-cream flavour… and this ranges from taro to green tea to coffee! Talk about too much of a good thing. Then you choose your toppings from a choice of 35 wonderful ingredients such as pistachios, brownie chunks, mango, Ferrero Rocher, durian, avocado, cream cheese… again, the possibilities are endless.

After you’ve chosen out of the beautiful options and have come up with a sure fire combination of ice-cream and toppings, the geniuses at Supercow pour the ice cream mixture onto a plate of iced steel. They next add your requested ingredients and start mashing and slicing everything together. Once all has been combined and formed into a rough paste, it is smoothed and thinned out. Next, it is cut into rectangles and scraped off into the beautiful and flavourful ice-cream scrolls. Additionally, you’re given the options to top off with whipped cream and some sauce.

Now onto my order, we got the green tea ice cream and topped it with pistachios and lychee. Last but not least, afterwards we got a small addition of whipped cream and a wafer stick. The green tea flavour was prominent and more bitter than the regular matcha taste I was used to, but I liked it. Taking slightly longer to melt than gelato, but faster than regular ice cream, the scrolls are initially hard to dig into but soon become a delightful concoction. We got the smaller serving size ($7) with the larger at only a dollar more, but, it was a much more hearty serving than I’m used to seeing from such stores.

But all of this in the words of a simple man? “It’s actually really good.”


The Supercow’s Ice-Cream Stall

3 Mama Chef’s, 410 Pitt Street, Sydney
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