A Beginner’s Guide to Editing Photos – VSCOCam

So last week my friend Riya (haaaay qurl) asked me how I edit my Instagram posts (x). Personally, I love photography but thanks to apps like VSCOCam, you don’t need to be a genius or a natural born photographer to edit photos amazingly. Trying to figure out how I Iike my photos edited has been a trial and error process for me, so if you want to learn the basics on how I to use VSCOCam (or really, any other app), keep reading on!


Cropping: This is the first thing I like to do in a photo and I know that now Instagram has this nifty feature where you don’t have to crop your rectangle images anymore… but here’s why I like to do it: YOU CONTROL THE FOCUS. Wherever your audience looks at the image, you’ve centered their focus! For example, with the image of the shoes, they are placed in the middle to draw your attention to the beautifulness that they are.


Exposure: In a basic sense, this is how bright or dark you want your photo to be. Excellent to use in the cases where your lighting was too bright or too dark, play around with this bad boy. Nevertheless, going into a little more detail – I’m sure you’ve seen the word ‘brightness’ also used on some photo editing apps. The difference between these two is that the exposure will muck around with the highlights (or the whiteness) of your image whereas the brightness will change the overall tone of the photo.


Temperature: Is your image really yellow or really blue and is this just throwing the colour right off your image? TEMP TO THE RESCUE! Drag it down and blue is added to counteract the yellow tones of your photo to achieve a more true-to-colour photo and vise versa.



Sharpen: More appropriate for those of you that want to achieve that #foodporn status, but sharpening your photo is a great way to show off some detail in whatever is in your photo. Be weary though, sharpening an image too much can lead to unwanted grainyness and thus, a lack of quality.


Contrast: In a sense, this is playing with the vibrancy of colour in your photo and is also a great way to trick people into thinking your image is more high-quality than it actually is! Also, if your lighting isn’t great and a little un-even, bring down the contrast just a smidge and up your lightness a little!


FiltersOne of the reasons why VSCO is so great, is the amazing range in filters. There are  paid and free filters, but the free ones, are in my opinion just perfect. I tend to use HB1 and HB2 for most of my edits, but also like to use A6 for food. The filters can be a little cool/warm though, so I like to balance that out using the temperature feature.

Tell me how your photo edits go, I’d love to hear it!


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