Maybelline Color Tattoo Leather Review

Maybelline’s Colour Tattoo eye-shadows are brilliant for an on the go swipe of colour across the lids, and are generally my product of choice when I’m really not bothered giving a damn about trying to apply the whole 9 yards of make-up on my face. So I was pretty shocked when I realised that there was a Leather version of the Colour Tattoo collection and it gone over my head for 2 years now.

At the moment, I was only able to get my hands on the shade Creamy Beige but the range comes in five shades – four matte and one slightly shimmery – Deep Forest, Vintage Plum, Chocolate Suede and Dramatic Black. 


Four from the Leather collection have a matte finish, or I guess a “leather” finish if you’d like to get technical.  The formula is not as easy to blend on the lid as those that have shimmer, so the one Color Tattoo in this collection, Chocolate Suede actually performs the best out of all five because it does have a bit of shimmer to it.  My least favorite in performing are Vintage Plum and Deep Forest which I find hard to layer on the lids, and when I finally get it blended to my satisfaction I find one part of the lid grabs the color too much and leaves a dark patchy look on the lids.  I have tried applying these on my bare lids as well as applying over an eye shadow primer and they still perform the same for me.

The formula, at least for Creamy Beige, is very creamy, easy to apply, and pretty fool-proof in terms of blending it out. Due to it’s creamy nature, it does take a little while to set, but that’s nothing to worry about. They last fairly well on my oily eye lids but it does like to crease every now and then. It’s not necessarily a chore or a pain, nothing a little swipe couldn’t fix but for the price you pay, around three to four hours of non-creasing wear is not bad.

The colour itself is a nice base, but it is a little boring. The taupey sort of shade is a little uneventful but you really can’t go  wrong if you need a fast swipe of colour on the eye. Keep in mind though,  using this shade leaves plenty of room to accent with eyeliner. However, if you want something bolder you might find this is a little boring in terms of color!

Overall, I like the matte finish of these Color Tattoos, but just wish they all performed equally.  Check it out if you want something simple and easy.


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