Sydney Eats: The Choc Pot

Famous on Instagram for the chocolatey goodness (a lot of which in fact – well it should be a fact – that makes up food porn), The Choc Pot  prides itself on hand-crafting delicious and wonderful desserts. All made in-house, they use high quality ingredients and the proof is literally in the pudding. The menu at The Choc Pot is every chocoholic’s dream, it will just feed into your addiction. With stores open in Burwood, Chatswood, Rosebery and the Sydney CBD, you really don’t have an excuse to avoid the deliciousness that is chocolate. Can you tell I like chocolate?

I went to the Chatswood branch located in The District, just above the station. Rather quiet on the day, the staff was really nice and put up with my indecisiveness. You can’t really blame me, there are so many good options to choose from! On one end you’ve got the Choc Pot,  an erruption of molten chocolate presented in a white pot, and another, you have decadent waffles; oh my goddness the waffles. Recently I’ve just finished watching Parks and Rec for the second time and Leslie always leaves me in the mood for waffles… but I digress.  in There is really no denying the variety of great dessert and drinks. I really can’t go on for longer, I’m salivating.

First of all, the drinks. It was a really hot day when we went, so I decided to try the Pine Mojito ($8). An excellent and refreshing drink for the recent hot weather we’ve been having in Sydney, there’s not much to say about the drink actually. It’s the perfect mix of pineapple, mint, lime and ice! Next was a speciality of TCP, the Red Velvet Hot Chocolate ($6.50) – “Creamy Jersey milk and a mix of dark and milk Belgian melted chocolate, topped with delicious cream cheese whipped cream”. With it’s thin consistency it’s hard to get overwhelmed by the taste, and lucky for you, it comes in such a hearty serving as well!

Now for the main event, the Honeycrumb Waffnut ($16). An amazing stack featuring honey-cinnamon waffnuts with a gorgeous serving of rock salt ice cream and crunchy biscuit crumbs, all drizzled with Belgian chocolate, salted caramel and a waffle cone top hat. I’ve had a constant craving for waffles and might I say, these hit the spot. With their crunchy exterior and fluffy insides soaking up a mixture of the soft and creamy ice cream, Belgian chocolate and salted caramel, everything harmonised to create an explosion of sweetness that was absolutely breath-taking. Plus, you get waffles, who doesn’t like waffles!?

The Choc Pot
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Level 3, The District, Chatswood Interchange

Where would you like to see me go next? Comment below! Until then, see you next time! x


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