Sydney Eats: Blaq Piq

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With Sydney’s recent bustling laneway culture, this cafe is something to watch out for.

Blaq Piq, owned by Andy Aquett and Lemindau Hanapie, the Indonesian-inspired cafe is quickly gaining a following despite the fact that it is only almost two months old! Everything on the menu, with the exception of bread and croissants, is made in house. With the gorgeous presentation and the beautiful taste, it’s really no wonder the place is really booming.


The cafe is most famous for its Pandan Buttermilk Pancakes ($17) with crumbled pecan, jellied coconut, mango, edible flowers and coconut ice-cream all of which you pour a coconut-sugar syrup on top. With a pleasant amount of pandan flavouring, the pancakes overall were sweet and not too overwhelming. The coolness of the ice-cream in contrast with the hot pancakes, the crunch of the pecans, this is really a dish that is a must have if you visit Blaq Piq! Also pictured above is the Prosciutto ($16) which nestled within a bed of rocket, mashed avocado, cherry tomatoes, marinated Meredith goat cheese, smoked red peppers, roasted walnut all on a piece of toast. Not much to say other than fresh and filling! 

Onto the drinks! The Affogato ($6.50) was served beautifully, however, I am a little disappointed in the taste. The coffee was good, smooth and bitter… the ice cream not so much. It gave off the texture of home brand ice cream… a little disappointing but all-in-all not too bad. The other hero of the day was the Iced  Green Tea ($6.50, $0.5 for the soy) with from the kind consideration of the wait staff for my lactose problem, the traditional ice-cream was taken out of the drink. (Thank you guys!) The drink was the sort of bitter-sweet that Matcha should really be. Both fresh and cool, the drink is something I will definitely repurchase!


Blaq Piq
Address: 11 Alberta Street, Sydney 




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