Sydney Eats: Joe Black Café


Nestled near Museum Station, the Joe Black Café takes coffee seriously. Its quirky decor leaves the café with a lovely, urban and eclectic feel; a reclaimed workbench, old framed photographs, a mural showing the evolution of man to the coffee drinking people we are today and a train map of the city. The fun and quirky vibe of the place translates into the menu as well, with names like “Magic” the café offers all day breakfast (Can I just say, if you offer all day breakfast, you’ve already won over my heart) with the usual suspects available (like toast). Options that are vegan-friendly and for those a little more carnivorous are also available.


We ordered the Cold Drip ($5) which was lovely. Personally, I was curious because I had heard how cold drip coffees are naturally sweeter and richer. I was not necessarily a fan of it because I prefer a more bitter coffee, but I could definitely appreciate the richness of the coffee with its hints of coconut and chocolate. I’m a fan of the blend they use in store! The cappuccino ($3.50) was creamy and beautiful with it’s intricate latte art.


Onto the food, I had the Stormin’ Normin ($14, I think) – two poached eggs on a bed of avocado, rocket and cherry tomatoes and ontop of a slice of sourdough toast. Nothing makes me happier than poached eggs that break open to give you that golden yolky goodness… I’m salivating right now. With the perfect amount of flavour after being topped with some salt and pepper, this dish is lovely. The sauce around it (I’m not too sure what it is) is both sweet and tangy. All round, a great dish. The Beef Burger ($12.5) on the other hand, was a a little disappointing. Although  nice, it didn’t offer too much new to the table.


Joe Black Café

27 Commonwealth St, Sydney NSW 2000

Do you have any food recommendations? I’d love to know!


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