Sydney Eats: Madame Nhu


Madame Nhu Bar and Eatery, located in Surry Hills, has some delicious Vietnamese food. Delicious. With a dark interior, during operational hours the bar and eatery is bustling with people, left, right and centre.The tables and chairs are all wooden topped with a rustic metal frame and packed closely together as this eatery is quite popular. The service was quick and polite, and so too was the arrival of the food – gr9 for me because I get real hangry. Not typically the first place you’d take someone to have a conversation (because it can get pretty loud), the eatery offers a wide range of Vietnamese drinks, desserts and dishes that taste ah-ma-zing. At an affordable price, this is seriously somewhere you should run off to for lunch or dinner.


Yassssssssssss qurl. I’ve had a major pho craving recently and this hit the spot. Not only is this place vegetarian friendly, but it is also has an extravagant menu for those who are a little more carnivorous. My order, the Phở chua vegetable, chilli, peanut ($11.5/$14.5) is basically “pho with a kick”. Topped onto the spicy soup were fresh vegetables – carrot, onion, coriander, cabbage, green onion, peanuts, bean sprouts and chilli. Serving sizes, albeit less than Pho Pasteur, were adequate but my uber hungry companion the day was still kind of hungry afterwards.  Nevertheless, I couldn’t finish my meal, despite how fresh and tasty it was.The Phở of roasted duck with duck broth and fresh herbs ($15.9/$18.9) utilises Madame Nhu’s flavoursome, gently-spiced, secret broth, is topped with onion, coriander, green onion, and dried garlic, and is served alongside a hoisin sauce. The duck, although well cooked, could have come along with more… because you know… good food


Madame Nhu Eateries and Bars
SURRY HILLS LOCATION:  82 Campbell St, Surry Hills (corner of Foster St)

There are several eateries! I went to the Surry Hills one, so take a look on the link above for the menu and some others!

Anywhere you recommend for your go-to pho? Or places to try in general? Let me know!

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