Sydney Eats: Catmosphere Cat Café


Cats, cats and cats. Opened on July 25th 2015, Catmosphere Cat Café follows along the cat café trend currently found in Asia. The Sydney café is “a tribute and a home to brave astro-cats returning to Earth”; home to many rescue cats and kittens (yeah, I said kittens). With it’s outer-space, sci-fi theme, the café offers coffee and a cat shaped cookie for those who decide to meet the Catstronauts ($20pp, 1 hour) or a bounty of cat cuddles and kisses with the Kitten Cadets ($17, 30 minutes).

The owners, Thomas Derriott and Wenee Yap are amazingly enthusiastic, hospitable and you can just tell they are proud of the café. While staying with the cats, Mr Derricott would happily respond to questions from everyone, walking around and tell you about each of the cats, their personalities and how they interact with people and other cats.

With a total of 19 in the café, you will definitely find a feline that tickles your fancy.

Do note though, the cat area is not necessarily friendly to those who have asthma or issues with dust/fur. There’s quite a bit around so just a heads up!


Meet some of the Catstronauts:


Catmosphere Cat Café Sydney

66 Foveaux Street Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW, 2010

Opening times: Sun – Thu: 07:30 – 9:00, Fri – Sat: 07:30 – 22:00

I would love to know who your favourites were if you’ve been, and if you haven’t gone before… how quickly are you going to make a booking? 


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