August Favourites 2015


Higher Living: Green Tea Chai 

Winter is cold, so I drink tea at night and this tea feels like a hug in a mug. The green tea chai from Higher Living is a wonderful twist on green tea. It’s got a nice sweet but mild taste to it, the smell is much more chai based. Containing the ingredients of green tea, cardamom, cinnamon, clove and orange peel, it has the original benefits of green tea with the added benefits of chai that left me warm and cosy this past month.IMG_6853IMG_6821

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer

This primer is a silky white liquid that not leave a cast on the skin. Unlike other primers I’ve tried in the past, this primer is not silicon based. So this is a great alternative for those who have tried a silicone based primer and have had their skin left flakey and broken out. The primer is lightweight and it doesn’t necessarily do too much to minimise the appearance of pores (but it doesn’t claim to), but it does keep make-up well settled on top of your skin all day. Compared to other primers, this one is more hydrating and leaves your make-up on top of your skin, regardless of your skin type.

Revitanail Nourishing Oil

In my last favourites I featured the Revitanail Keratin Serum, recently I’ve been using the nourishing oil in conjunction with the serum and can I just say… total life saver. I’ve been growing my nails out, and they haven’t been peeling nor have they been cracking. The oil itself smells like eucalyptus oil and dissolves into your nails quickly.


Essie Grow Stronger Base Coat

So because my nails have been growing longer, I’ve been able to paint them happily again. With this, I was still worried about how my nails would take the acetone removal, the chemicals from the polish… so I purchased this little beaut. This product applies easily and does definitely increase the wear of your polish. A wonderful product for weak nails, the base coat has a light nude, glossy finish and creates a great base for your nail polish. The base coat is enriched with organic ingredients like vitamin E, Gingko Biloba, other herb extracts and mineral strengtheners. 3-Free, does not contain Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde or Toluene but does contain Nitrocellulose. Overall, a lovely product!

Sally Hansen Red Zin

To be honest, I first bought this colour because it has my dad’s name in it… nevertheless, the colour won me over! The salon manicure range, if you were unaware, has a wonderfully larger, curved brush. It’s excellent for covering a lot of surface area quickly, as well as reaching into the curves of your nails. The colour itself can range from a lighter red (with one layer) or a beautiful blood red (two coats), the longevity of it without a top coat or base coat, however, I wouldn’t say is too long. Nevertheless, the colour is gorgeous and I love it to bits.

Revlon Matte Balm Standout

So other than wearing this for a lipstick, and I swear this is an excellent dupe for MAC’s Russian Red, I use this as a base for concealer. Yes, a base. With my current lack of sleep, I’ve need to find ways to cover up my dark circles and since blue and red are opposites on the colour wheel and cancel each other out. I dab some on my fingers and put it under my eyes so it just leaves a red tint and then put on my concealer as normal. It doesn’t show through and I look a little more awake.

IMG_6830IMG_6827IMG_68342 IMG_68462

What were some of your favourites last month? I’d love to know!


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