Looking Awake


Whether university/school/college has got you sleeping late and/or waking up early and looking like a dead zombie, I’ve got you covered this week. Here are a couple of things you can do to avoid getting asked if you’re feeling peckish for some “brainzzzzzz”

  • Add some colour to your base

Generally when you’ve had a lack of sleep, you’ll notice that your complexion isn’t quite what it normally is. By that, I mean you’ll lack some colour in your face. So try add a cheek or lip tint to your skin, a blush works wonderfully in this situation.

  • Brighten your eyes

Using something like eye drops to help brighten the whites of your eyes is a great idea! I don’t know about you, but my eyes are extremely dry when I’m tired and this is a great step to help you feel a little more open-eyed.  Alternatively, using something like a blue eye liner will not only bring a pop of colour to your eyes, but the blue colour will counteract the yellow/red tinge your eyes tend to get when you’re tired. If these don’t sound like your type of thing, don’t worry, I got you. Apply some highlighter/coloured eye shadow into the ducts of your eyes or   peach liner into your waterline.

  • Highlight and contour

IMG_6809As I said before, when you’re tired, you lack colour in your skin and it often looks dry and dull. To have the façade of glowy, healthy skin, why not go for a little more of a dewy effect using  highlighter and contour? Add a cream highlighter onto the high points of the face, bridge of your nose, cupid’s bow, brow and cheek bones. Using a cream highlighter in this case is always a better choice because when you use a powder on top of your dry, fatigued skin, it will more often than not cake.

  • Cover Up

When all else fails, cover up your dark circles to give the illusion you’re much more well rested than you feel. For this, I like to use either the Maybelline New York: Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles which has the best formulas I’ve ever tried, it goes to say, this thing has never caked on me. Ever. Or the Benefit Fake Up Under Eye Concealer which is an ultra-hydrating concealer, that claims to keep your skin hydrated with the vitamin E and apple seed extract moisturising ring outside the concealer and it also claims not to cake, crease or settle into your skin.


  • Curl those lashes!

I’m pretty sure by now most people have heard the whole “curl your lashes and your eyes will look bigger!”. Well I’m here to tell you…that’s totally true. Curling your lashes is like opening a gateway to your eyes. So why not let those globes of beauty shine, right?

  • Distract!

IMG_68081This is one of my without fail ways of getting the attention away from my eyes, apply a bold lip colour. Usually this is a technique I apply after the gym to distract from my sweaty hair when I have somewhere to go but you know, it works pretty well for when you’re tired as well. Whether it be a bright red lip or a dark plum colour, draw attention away from your eyes and towards your lips. Make sure you moisturise before applying your lipstick though!

What do you usually reach for to look a little more awake than you really are? Let me know in the comments below!


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