What’s In My Bag?


Thank goodness for holidays. I’ve completed my first semester of university and for a month, I’m glad not to carry around a backpack with my laptop in it. Hence, the purchase of this beauty recently!

The bag itself is ‘Nellie’ by Basque and is small enough just to fit your essentials which I absolutely adore. I’m on the hunt for a cheap and good quality pouch for my money and cards though, at this point in time I’ve just been putting it in one of the zips. (Great solution I know.)The bag is a gorgeous pearl colour that has 4 compartments, 2 zipped, 1 central snap closer and the front pocket.


Now onto what’s in the bag!


Burt’s Bees – Honey Lip Balm

Read more about this in my favourites of last month! Click here

MAC – Mocha

I got this lipstick last year for my year 12 formal, and for me, it’s a MLBB (my lips but better) lipstick . It’s great to pair with a smoky eye or just if you feel like you need some colour on your lips. The lipstick is a peachy brown that applies smoothly without clinging to dry spots on your lip and when I use it with a lip liner, it lasts up to 4 hours. The vanilla smell, a great feature of all MAC lipsticks, is also something that just makes me want to wear this all day long. The only problems I have with this though are it’s a little pricey ($36AUD a bullet) and it also transfers easily onto cups (and maybe other people hehe) so be sure to blot as much as you can!


Notebook by J.Burrows and Uni-Ball Pen

Since starting uni, I’ve found it so useful to have a small diary to plan out my weeks and have reminders about when tasks are due. Even though it’s the holidays, I’m still using this bad boy! The gel pen, my pen of preference, is great too because it glides so easily onto whatever you’re writing on.

Thankyou Co – Eucalyptus Mint Hand Sanitiser

I carry this everywhere I go, and it’s from the Thankyou Body Care. The Australian brand funds many NGO projects in developing countries for water, food and hygiene in attempt to improve the quality of life. When purchasing one of the products from the brand, you receive a GPS code to track where in the world your purchase has helped and what project it has helped in that community.

My product is in the scent eucalyptus mint which is smells so clean and satisfying. Is that weird? haha. The hand sanitiser I have is a little outdated, however after searching through their website, I realised they repackaged their products and have new scents!  I also have their Botanical Sweet Orange & Almond hand cream too which smells divine… but more on that later.


Phone Case: Knock-Off Cath Kidston Rose Pattern

It’s cute!

Comment down below an essential item in your bags, I’d love to know!


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