Sydney Eats: AZOTO Sydney

So many people in Sydney are familiar with N2 Extreme Gelato, a place which utilises the concept of using liquid nitrogen to make their gelato (geddit, n2?? huehue). Following along with this is AZOTO. The prices at AZOTO range from $6 – $8, with the sizes being generous and wonderfully decorated! Comparing the portions of N2 and AZOTO, I would say for the specials ($8 choices), AZOTO was really generous and the sizes were amazing. The Korean ice creamery is one to look out for when thinking about dessert in Sydney!

Now onto the ice cream displayed…  The flavour we got was Bounty and Co. The delicious ice cream is served in a coconut cup with a coconut base, coconut shavings and to top it off, crunchy crushed peanuts and a dark chocolate syringe.  If you’re a fan of chocolate and coconut, this is he choice for you. Not to mention, in the coconut cup, there is coconut meat, which I absolutely adore. Sadly though, the company doesn’t update or mix up their flavours often. Nevertheless, the flavours they do offer are divine.



World Square Shopping Centre
91-95 Liverpool Street,
Sydney, NSW 2000


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